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what is egirls

by sonya ff 17 Aug 2023

what is egirls

E-girl, E is the abbreviation of "Electronic (electronic)", obviously, the literal translation is "E-sports girl".
Under the influence of anime and online games, they dress themselves up as characters in Japanese/American comics. It is a unique system of Generation Z, which is the collective name for a part of Generation Z in TikTok. The current E-girl has already into a faction.
Dominated by colorful makeup, hair, flamboyant black eyeliner and decidedly manga-like down-to-lash lashes. Supplemented with rich blush and delicate style, it forms the main style of E-girl.
Now there are so many followers on the Internet, they have become the first new subculture born in two decades.
E-girl culture is a cross-cultural mixture, because it has part of the genes of skateboarding, hip-hop, anime and goth, so the makeup is mostly presented with eye-catching eye makeup and changeable hair color.

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