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Unzzy Uniform Collection

Unzzy Uniform Collection

The newly developed category of unzzy, the uniform series, focuses on "sexy and mysterious", and mostly uses temptation as an element to produce a strong sense of temptation visually, so as to achieve a complete experience. Uniforms can be classified by style into:
Maid costumes

   Refers to the work clothes of maids (Maid), and usually refers to women's clothing made after such work clothes. In Britain at the end of the 19th century, aprons of a certain range worn by servants and housekeepers, in modern Japan (especially the words and sayings tended by the otaku) is dedicated to refer to this term.


Refers to clothes worn under other clothes, usually in direct contact with the skin, and is one of the indispensable clothing for modern people, including vests, undershirts, shorts, bras, etc. Underwear has the function of absorbing sweat, correcting shape, supporting the body, keeping warm and preventing the body's secretions and wastes from contaminating the outerwear.


  It was widely popular in China in the 20th century, represented by women in Shanghai and Hong Kong. cos Chinese elements,

  There are cute cartoons in the store, and there are many household categories

Bunny girl

Bunny Girl, originally called Bunny Girl in English, written in Japanese as バニーガール. The culture of "bunny girl" belongs to the passionate culture in European and American popular culture. For more than 50 years, "bunny girl" has been creating a passionate space for elites and upstarts, so that people with fun can enjoy their unique emotional life

Nurse suit

A "nurse sexy uniform" is a garment that combines recognizable elements of a nurse's uniform with a more provocative or seductive style. This type of clothing is often seen at fancy dress parties, cosplay scenes, or other occasions where people choose to dress up in a specific theme. Worn at events.It blends the familiar image of a nurse's uniform with the sensual aesthetic of sexy clothing.

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